Colors, Colors, Colors.

​​Remember when the internet blew up over “the dress”? Well now that it is resurfacing in the form of a Nike outfit, we figured this would be a great time to talk about one of our biggest stressors in our bakery: COLORS.

When you come to order a cake from us, you probably have at least a general idea of how you are wanting it to look, which means you probably have a color or two in mind, right? One of the most common problems we face at our shop is color choices, whether that means we took an order over the phone and had nothing concrete to base the color choice against, or it was just a customer who was sure she wanted her cake to be coral colored but she imagined coral more pink than it is. When you come into our shop we have color charts for you to reference and pictures for you to look at and even dummy cakes for you to compare it to, but every once in a while we will get a customer who says they want navy colored flowers and they are so sure that navy is the exact color they want, but then when they come to pick up the cake they say that the blue is much too dark.

We just want all of our customers to know that we try as hard as we can to give life to any ideas that you may have in your head, and we want to make sure that every cake that we send home with you is the best that it could possibly be in your eyes, but we just want to remind everyone how different colors look to each person. Grass green to you could be lime green to another person, maybe coral in your eyes is solely a pink color, but to us it borders on an orange color, or like our boss swears that our shirts are hot pink but clearly they are light pink (She’ll love that part), and you may see this dress as blue and black or you may see it as gold and white. Just because we don’t all see things the same way doesn’t make either of us wrong, we are all just a little different!

 So just keep that in mind the next time you order a cake or cupcakes. There is nothing wrong with just wanting something to simply be blue, or pink or purple, but if you have invitations or napkins or something you can physically bring in to show us what exact color you mean bring them in! It doesn’t matter if it’s a color swatch from David’s Bridal, or just a napkin that happens to be the PERFECT shade, bring it in so we can make sure when you leave our shop with your cake, you leave here completely satisfied!


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