Tammy’s Tips! Ordering During Busy Seasons

Tammy’s Tips:

Ordering During Busy Seasons

With Graduation Season fast approaching here are a few tips to get you through ordering your cake with ease:

  1. When placing an order during a busy season, whether you’re ordering for your graduate or just ordering for a birthday or anniversary that falls in that time, the most important thing to note is that EARLY IS NOT EARLY. One thing Tammy stresses is that during busy seasons, one month in advance is NOT too early. Our standard of “Your order needs to be placed with a  deposit down one week in advance” doesn’t always work during our busy seasons, there are times where we will book a date two or three weeks in advance and getting in here early and paying your deposit guarantees your spot.


  1. Bring pictures! Bring ideas of how you want your cake to look! Knowing what you want and how many people you need to serve saves you time and us time. Bringing in pictures, either printed or on your phone, not only saves you time but it helps us see exactly how you want something to look with no confusion. Coming prepared makes things quick and easy!


  1. 50% Deposit. This is a very important thing to remember when ordering a cake from us. All orders are not considered placed until your deposit is paid. Your deposit is 50% of the price we quoted you for your order. If your deposit doesn’t get paid then your order was not considered placed so it never got put on our list to bake or decorate. This means if you placed your order in March for a cake you needed May 13th but waited till May 6th to pay your deposit and now the 13th is booked; we will not be able to take your deposit because you didn’t secure your spot for that date.


  1. Where is the event taking place? Is it indoors or outdoors? One mistake that is often made is not telling the person taking your order whether the event you are taking the cake to is going to be indoors or outdoors. This can be a problem if you are wanting a cake with cream cheese or fluffy icing to be sitting outside in the summer heat for hours. Certain icings can spoil or go bad if not kept cool. If you are planning an outdoor graduation party and want the cake to be able to stand the heat make sure you are giving us that information so we can go over the best options for you!


  1. Cutting a cake vs. just getting cupcakes. Cupcakes and cupcake cakes are a good way to save time when hosting any kind party. Cupcake cakes give you the convenience of cupcakes but the ability to design the top so it looks like a cake. Cupcakes are an easy way to have people serve themselves and take the pressure off of you. A cake is the way to go if you are wanting to do something big and elaborate, just make sure to ask if you don’t know how to go about cutting it! Keep in mind that if you are throwing a graduation party and getting a cake for it that many parties often happen on the same day which means that kids will be bouncing around between parties and you may not need as much cake as you think!



Stay tuned for more of Tammy’s Tips!

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