Why You Should Select a Licensed Bakery

 Why You Should Select a Licensed Bakery

When your special event or holiday requires a special baked item, whether it is for an event, a birthday, an anniversary, or even a wedding, there are lots of decisions that need to be made. Not only do you need to think about what kind of design will be on the cake and what flavors and fillings you want, but whether you prefer a cake, cake pops, or cupcakes to mention a few of the options. Choosing a bakery can be one of the biggest decisions that will make or break your event. If you’re trying to choose either an at-home-bakery or licensed bakery and you aren’t sure which would be the best fit for you, here are a few pointers of why we think you should choose a licensed bakery (like Specialty Cakes) to help you.

​​The first benefit of a licensed bakery is the availability to review their work on their website or usually on one or more social media sites, where photos of the latest creations can give you suggestions. Reviewing the website, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest accounts, and reading their blogs and reviews gives the shopper an entire portfolio of work to review.  Photos showcase what has been created for our customers. Social media is a powerful place, especially when comparing different bakeries in your area.  Feedback and reviews are important too, both Facebook and blogs allow customers to post their feedback so you can read what other people thought of their cakes and whether or not they would recommend you to go there too!  Websites for a Licensed bakery often list their bakery options, prices, and flavors to help you narrow down all of the choices.

 A top priority of running a successful bakery is to always meet and exceed health department guidelines. At specialty cakes, we get regular checks from the health department, all employees have to be well-kept with good hygiene and hair kept up tight and away from the face, and managers are required to have a food handler’s license. At-home-bakeries have less rules to adhere to. Be sure to ask to visit the kitchen where your cake will be baked.

Let’s talk about reliability and accountability. If, for any reason, an error or accident happens with the cake that you are picking up or having delivered, would you be pleased with the outcome? In the case of a one-person bakery, just one person would have to re-bake, re-ice, and make a brand-new cake in a short amount of time for the occasion. Specialty Cakes offers their customers a team of people working together to get everything done in a small amount of time. We have all the supplies and ingredients on hand, to ensure that we can fix any problem that may arise. Accidents do happen, and it’s always better to have a backup plan.

Actually, this happened you may have guessed, during a wedding delivery.  The delivery van hit their brakes too hard and the wedding cake toppled over. We then had three hours to go back to the shop, bake a new cake, make new flowers, frost it, and get it back to the venue before anyone knew what happened. We were just putting the last flower on the cake at the venue, when the bride and groom walked in, and we had quite a story to tell them. The couple said the cake looked perfect and we all got to have a good laugh about it.

Reassurance on your big day or special occasion is important.  At the end of the day, licensed bakeries, like Specialty Cakes may require slightly higher price points due to the reasons we have mentioned in this story.  Our staff is ready to serve you, from planning your custom design, to making sure the product will fit the need of the occasion, and offering the reassurance that our team is here to deliver exactly what you need.  We hope that you will allow Specialty Cakes to be a part of your special event.



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    I’m looking to buy some fresh bread to have on hand. It’s good to know that the first benefit of a licensed bakery is the availability to review their work. Another benefit of a licensed bakery is that you can be sure the bread is fresh everyday.

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